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dance lessons

Kids' dance classes in Wythenshawe

Looking for professional kids' dance classes in Wythenshawe? Look no further than Shana Keeler's School of Dance.

Excellent ballet classes

Ballet is a popular form of dance and it helps you improve your posture, grace, style and strength. At Shana Keeler's School of Dance, we follow a systematic approach to help children learn to interpret and coordinate with the music. We welcome students from within a 25-mile radius of Wythenshawe. Get in touch with our experts to learn ballet dance in a friendly and exciting environment. 
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Street dance classes

Do you want to join street dance classes? We have you covered. We can help you learn street dance with fantastic choreography. Our experienced dance teachers will teach the different styles of street dance and help you perform in a number of dance shows. Develop your strength and stamina by joining our street dance classes today. We also teach acrobatics for children. For more information, get in touch with us now.
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modern dance classes

Modern classes

Do you have a passion for modern dance? Why not join us today? Our modern dance classes are well-planned and aim to improve self-expression, flexibility, rhythm, strength and coordination. Modern is derived from different dance styles ranging from jazz, to contemporary dance styles. Showcase your talent and earn plaudits by enrolling onto our modern dance classes today.
tap classes

Tap classes

Tap dance is open for all ages and is the most rhythmic form of dance. It offers a fun-filled dancing experience. At Shana Keeler's School of Dance, we start with the basic steps for younger children and teach more complex steps for older students and adults, so they can challenge themselves when they get more complex rhythms and timing. To find out more about our tap dance classes, get in touch with us today.
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To join kids' dance classes in Wythenshawe, call us on 07590 622 191 now.
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