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You can find out information about our time table, terms and conditions and uniforms here. Contact Shana Keeler's School of Dance for more details today.

Terms and conditions

1. Payment1a. The payment is to be made in full at the time of invoice, all invoice will now be monthly for all subjects. Late payments will incur a penalty charge. If the payment has not been received before the 15th of the month, your child will not be allowed to participate until payment is made.

Please note: The only time that lesson fees are not payable is when the school is closed.

1b. Cash payment has to be in an envelope with daughter's or son's name on, date, how much, all cash payment now have to be signed for by yourself & a teacher & a receipt will be given for your & our records.

2. Cancellation of a Course Courses or classes may be cancelled by Shana Keeler’s School of Dance if they fail to attract a viable number of participants, full refunds of tuition fees will be made in these circumstances. Classes cancelled due to illness or circumstances beyond our control, will be made up for in the timetable.

3. Withdrawals and RefundsNotification of withdrawal must be given in writing to the Principle, before the new monthly invoice. Once the due date of the invoice has arrived and payment has been received, there will be no refunds for withdrawals.

Please note: No refunds are given to any missed classes or courses or competitions or shows.

4. Use of Photographs and Videos Videos or photos may be taken during class times and performances, and may be used for promotional and marketing use. If you would like your child to withdraw from this clause, please send a written signed declaration.

5. AttendanceEach child attending lessons at Shana Keeler’s School of Dance must show excellent attendance. The principle must be notified of an absence with good reason. Failure to do so may lead to your child being unable to be entered into examinations and or performances or competitions.

6. UniformAll children must wear the correct uniform for all classes, after a settling period of 6 weeks. You can order uniform through the principal.

7. Examination, competition & performancesExaminations, competitions and performances are not compulsory, yet if your child has been invited to participate, and you accept, you are to show full attendance and will be expected to attend and pay for additional classes in this subject leading up to exams, competition or performance date. You will be notified of these extra lessons with reasonable notice. Failure to attend may lead to your child not participating in the event.

8. BehaviourThe school operates a zero tolerance on verbal, physical abuse and threatening behaviour towards staff, students and parents. Any instances found will result in the pupil being excluded from the school.

9. Competition & Fees -  9a. Competition fees are due before being entered into the competition, if fees for the competition aren’t in, you will not be entered for the competition. All information for competitions will be on the notice board and emailed across to you. It is your responsibility to check regularly. 

9b. I expect 100 percent commitment from parents, 7 students if you are on the competition team. 

10. Acceptance of these termsYour payment and your child’s attendance of the classes, acts as your acceptance of the term and conditions stated above. It is your responsibility to regularly check the terms and conditions, as they may alter from time to time. We advise you read the terms and conditions before each new term.

We have 5 dance studios across Wythenshawe and also serve within a 25-mile radius.
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Uniform list

All uniform can be bought through our shop.

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