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Manchester’s Leading Performing Arts School

Why Join Shana Keelers School Of Dance & Performing Arts?

Excellent dance classes for ALL ages and abilities

Taught by Industry Dance Professionals

Safe, Positive and Supportive Environment

Progression & Opportunities

Learn About Our Classes

Step into a world of rhythm, grace, and self-expression with our diverse range of dance classes. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or stepping onto the dance floor for the first time, our classes offer something for everyone.

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We Offer a 4-Week Trial!

Shana Keeler’s School of Dance 4-week trial allows potential students to try the classes before signing up to become a member.

Watch Your Child Shine!

Creative Expression

We encourage creative expression through dance! It is a powerful and transformative experience for children.

Social Skills

Dancing in a group setting not only offers them a chance to move and groove but also provides a platform for important social growth.

Passion for Dance

Our instructors’ contagious love for dance plays a pivotal role in inspiring children to cultivate a lifelong devotion to this art form.

Building Confidence

Our dance school fosters a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere where children feel safe and encouraged.

Memorable Experiences

Participating in our dance classes creates lasting memories and experiences that children will cherish.

Book your 4 week trial today!